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Normal symptoms of depression can include:–

Feeling low or tearful
Feeling empty or numb
Loss of self-esteem and motivation
Finding no pleasure or enjoyment in things you used to love
Feeling guilty or worthless
Feeling isolated from other people or becoming easily irritated
Feeling hopeless, helpless or despairing
Wanting to self-harm
Suicidal thoughts

Physical symptoms

Difficulty sleeping or changes in sleep pattern

Changes in appetite, such as eating less or comfort eating

Difficulty speaking, thinking clearly, remember things or hard to concentrate

Loss of energy

Unexplained aches and pains

Loss of interest in sex

Feeling restless or agitated

If you feel that you are suffering from depression and any of the symptoms as listed, it is important to be heard, and also to visit your GP for a diagnosis.

As a Counsellor I will listen and accept without judgement, with encouragement to help yourself and look after yourself to help you to move forward and take control of your life, instead of the depression controlling you!