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Mental health is a state of wellbeing as to how we cope with the stresses of daily life which can be difficult and at times can be too much for us, due to things out of our control. When this may happen, it can lead to stress, anxiety, low mood, depression, panic attacks, and general feeling of being overwhelmed. But talking therapy can help to process and explore what were your triggers and to develop strategies to cope and manage with your symptoms in the future.


In this modern world and after the pandemic, mental health support is required even more now than any other time”. Here are my top tips for helping yourself whenever you feel you may need it.

1 – sleep well – 7 to 8 hours is recommended – make your bedroom comfortable and a place where you can feel “snug” and “calm”, for a deep relaxing sleep

2 – meditation or relaxation – even if it is for 5 minutes – switching off to the outside world can really help, and recharge your batteries

3– eating well and drinking less alcohol – fresh food – fruits, vegetables, protein – making it look appealing – fresh is best for at least 80% of the time – you will feel and look better – everything in moderation is good

4- good friendships – increase your social circle – if for some reason you feel unhappy or uneasy with certain people around you, do something about it – new people and opportunities will always present themselves to you

5 – exercise – not down the gym but even a walk – walk in nature even if its for 15/20 minutes will help

6– getting fresh air – even if its means being in your garden, on a balcony

7 – get involved – courses, clubs etc – meeting like minded people is always empowering

8 – do what is good for you – sometimes being a little selfish is a necessity for our own mental health and learning to say no, when something does not fit in with your own lifestyle, is a positive step to setting your own boundaries

9 – if you don’t look after yourself no one else will – and then how can you look after anyone else?


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