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Brain Dumping

Brain Dumping

  Does your brain ever feel overloaded? That it wants to explode?

Do you feel frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, worried or stressed and have no one to tell and express how you feel?

Do you feel no one else will understand you?

Or that your friends and family will make you think that you are being silly?

So, then, you are concerned about telling them anything?

And, best to keep it to yourself?

And then the vicious cycle starts all over again…………….you feel overloaded…….explode…….etc

So where do you dump the “ugly stuff” in your brain? Because it can be so annoying………….

Well, if you are unable to talk to anyone that you trust – like an adult such as family, teachers, or a counsellor, or even a friend that understands you, have you considered writing? Which may help to empty your brain……………..so that you are able to dump the ugly stuff?

Like our bodies, our brains also need to remain healthy. It needs good nutrients from healthy eating….

And also exercise – yes exercise! You ask, how to do you exercise the brain?   





  Well, puzzles, games…. challenging it at times….learning new things through school, reading, but not to the point that you exhaust it, because even our brains need to rest and have some sleep, to be able to function the next day!

So, let’s go back to the writing then!

Everyone likes to write differently – some like to write letters to people, some like to write down their thoughts and feelings, some write as a diary form and what they have done. You could also keep it as a record, as to how your sleep was, how do you feel in the morning, refreshed, tired etc, what you ate- good and bad, loss of appetite, overeating, or normal. There are many ways to help yourself – here are a few examples –

Time I woke up –

How do I feel this morning –

How was my sleep –

What did I eat –

What happened today –

What made me happy –

What made me sad –

My friends –

My family –



Dear …..

I wish/I feel because…..


Scaling how you feel –

0 to 10 – 0 being not good and 10 it has been a fantastic day – and the reasons why

It is your writing so do it the way that you feel comfortable.

What do you do with the writing – would you like to share the information with someone? Would you like to keep it to yourself? Would you like to tear it up in small pieces and throw it away? Your choice !

Hopefully this gives you some ideas, to help process what is going on for you in a safe way and place !